A New Blog and New Beginnings

DSC_0447 (2)Spring has Sprung and what a better time to start our blog!  A time of new beginnings and lots of new smells to investigate…….blossom is all around in the wild garden, daffodils, hyacinths and daisies are in abundance; and there’s sunshine, plenty of sunshine to sleep in.

Before we go any further, allow me to introduce myself, I’m the much loved, rather distinguished, and very wise Westie (West Highland Terrier) of Roddy and Angela Sharp, the owners of the beautiful Le Manoir du Bout du Pont, and my name is Angus.DSC_4699 - Copie

Roddy and Angela are always busy maintaining and improving the property. My human sister, Robyn, already helps with the FaceBook and Instagram. So, I volunteered to undertake this exciting project for them.

Who better than moi, I thought, and I’m sure you will agree, to comment on the daily goings on at Le Manoir du Bout du Pont and to impart words of wisdom, of which, of course, I have many, to those embarking on marriage, an event or a holiday?  After all, I have led such a varied life; living in Belgium, where I was born, Paris, where I spent my youth and Scotland, where I looked after my human grandparents, before returning to France.

Our story begins with my other human sister, Kirstin, receiving a Valentine’s note from a geeky kid called Chris when they were still at school….and after a LONG romance, he finally proposed!

This news triggered more than a year of work as we set about transforming Le Manoir for The Big Day.

I oversaw a lot of the work. I would describe myself as very cool under pressure, but a lorry being stuck in the mud in our lovely courtyard, only four months before The Big Day, was cause of great concern……

But it all came together and it went from this:IMG_4031

to this:


What a wonderful four days it was; family and friends gathering from all over the world, a golf day just along the road, a hen and men party day, and the wedding and recovery days.

The wedding itself was superb – this venue is magical – everything flows effortlessly.  And I flowed very effortlessly, too, between the tables looking for titbits, having my photo taken and lapping up all of the attention I received.  I did look very handsome, but I digress……

It’s as if Le Manoir was always meant to make people happy and it is no surprise that Roddy and Angela want to share it with you.

Knowing how special your wedding day is, they offer the personal touch, being as approachable and as helpful as possible.

Having such a wonderful venue means you are now free to relax and enjoy focusing on all the fun details of flowers, decoration, choosing your cake and your favourite food.

Food?  Did I mention food? My supper time calls and I’m off to ask for some help!! So, until next time, as they say here – Au revoir 🙂

One thought on “A New Blog and New Beginnings

  1. Roddy, Angela and Angus, I am Mum of Kirsten’s friend Alison who came to the wonderful wedding . Your home looks so beautiful and you have worked so hard. Well done from Eastbourne, Jayne Hughes and canine companions, Hetty, Ruby and Millie (who are very fond of a westie)!


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