All the lovely readers of my first blog and this one, will have noticed my partner in crime in the main photo, a beautiful French lady.  What, you didn’t notice the most attractive blue and white, instantly recognisable, 2CV????   Although, sometimes aloof and bossy, Nicole, for that is her name, is an incurable romantic, unlike me, and I have to confess we make a good team…..

Looking for Nicole took quite some time – all of two years.  They are the epitome of French cars and greatly sought after, as we were quick to learn.

Our search took us all over Europe (via the Internet, of course) and there were many false starts.  So, where did we find the lovely Nicole…….Yorkshire!!  Yes, a well known part of France, not!  And she is a left-hand drive.

She had been lovingly restored by a gentleman, who due to a change of circumstances had to say a fond adieu to her.  You can imagine how sad she was, but what joy when she realised she was returning to her beloved France.

2016-07-15-JAM-126[7642]There was some urgency to get her here as Kirstin’s wedding was just around the corner and she was a crucial element – she had to get Kirstin to the church…….in La Sauvetat du Dropt.

Everyone came together and she drove all the way here in just two days – she’s amazing – and she made a lot of friends along the way.  So many people waved, smiled and hooted at her.  It made the entire journey so much fun; even the drivers of Roddy, David and George deserve a mention.

When she arrived, we discovered that we had two things in common, we love all the fuss we receive when visitors come to Le Manoir and we love having our photos taken.  We both agree that whoever is taking the photos, they have to be GOOD……we need to make sure, even on a bad day, we look our absolute best.

Photographs form such an important part of our lives – they can tell a story, capture moments of our lives, help create happy memories and when everything else has gone, often only these photos survive!  And Le Manoir has plenty of perfect picture places, as one photographer commented, there’s one around every corner.


Therefore, we all need to be sure, just as sure as we are of everything else, that we choose the right photographer.  Nicole and I have drawn up a few pointers to help you:

1 Do lots of research….Do you know what style you like?  Check lots of Blogs, Pinterest, Websites.

2 Don’t trust recommendations – Check the photographer out yourself.

3 If a relative or friend is volunteered or offers to take the photos for free.  Check them out, too. Remember that when the flowers have wilted, the photos will still be with you.

4 If at all possible, organise a chat with the photographer – phone or Skype.

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought – ah food – it’s calling again – until next time – Au Revoir!