The Road to Le Manoir

You may have been wondering why I have been silent for a while…..well…we’ve been travelling……

It’s not something I like to do very often, especially when I’m so comfortable at Le Manoir, but when I am presented with an offer to return to our homeland of Scotland, then I’m not going to refuse, even if it meant a trip by boat…..

Being away with Roddy and Angela gave me some time to reflect.  And, it occurred to me, what a good opportunity to give you all a little background about how Le Manoir came to have its eclectic mix of furnishings – a kind of  France meets Africa meets Scotland and other parts of the world.

Well, once upon a time there was a Scottish lad called Roddy, who whilst he loved Scotland, loved warmer temperatures and travelling more.   Having married his long time and long suffering girlfriend, Angela, their adventures began.

Their honeymoon was not your conventional sort as it consisted of a boat trip from the UK to South Africa on the mail ship St Helena, because Roddy and Angela were moving to Cape Town. Some would say this was an ill advised choice of transport as the boat was without stabilisers and only 3000 tons and Angela was not a keen sea faring lass.   Predictably, Angela was so sea sick she even thought she was pregnant, whilst Roddy never missed a meal!

St Helena

A challenging start to married life! And it didn’t end there….

Cape Town, where Robyn came along, was followed by Malawi, where Kirstin arrived.

Now, one would think they might just go and take a look to see what was in store, but as with Cape Town, not even the shortest of reconnaissance trips happened. Fortunately, it proved a good choice as they stayed there for a vey happy 16 years.

A surprising transfer to France was next, and enter….moi! (Robyn said a family wasn’t a family without a dog …… How right she was 🙂 )

However, the pull of Africa was always there and they found themselves in Tanzania…..for seven years and then onto their last posting in Mauritius.

Now, let me put it quite succinctly, unlike Roddy and Angela, I do not do hot weather – and thankfully, I wasn’t married to him. So, when they went back to Africa, I went to live with my human grandparents in Scotland; a far better deal for me :). Could I have been more spoilt?? No!  🙂

Eventually, Roddy and Angela’s  African adventures came to an end and the decision was where to settle…..France was seen as a good compromise…..close enough to family and with better weather than Scotland……..

All their possessions gathered from the countries they had called home and those from their holidays, arrived at Le Manoir.  Treasured possessions that now sit comfortably in their French surroundings, creating a unique atmosphere – one that you need to visit to appreciate.

Mind you, Nicole and I do find it a bit difficult to communicate with these Africans….

Padding around Le Manoir it comes to me, that their travels epitomise everything that a marriage or relationship should include – commitment, taking leaps of faith and compromise.

Who in their right mind goes on a boat for their honeymoon knowing that they will be seasick?  Who goes to work and live in countries they haven’t even visited and checked out before? Just a couple of examples, but if they hadn’t – what experiences, what adventures would they have missed out on…… ??


So keep all this in mind as you start planning your wedding and your lives ahead.  Be committed, take that leap of faith and a couple of risks along the way – you’ll never know what will happen next 🙂


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