Food Glorious Food!!!

You all know how fond I am of food, so it will come as no surprise that the topic for my blog today is FOOD – well, catering for the wedding……. 🙂 In fact, it’s really amazing that I haven’t written about it sooner!

Once you have decided on the most beautiful of venues, hopefully, Le Manoir, the deliciously glorious food that will be served on your day has the potential to be THE most difficult decision you will have to make in your planning process.

Believe me, us dogs have it much easier as we have a limited range of food on offer, but  it does become very boring!  That’s why I am forced to go on regular sniffing out exercises…….

Angus and bag

and have to rely on the generosity of Roddy and Angela to give me treats.  I have to add, this happens all too infrequently for my liking and as you can see the treats are unacceptably small…….

Angus and treat

Your choices are endless and range from the ultimate French experience, complete with Croquembouche and sparklers (that’s France’s version of the wedding cake – Pinterest has many photographs of them 🙂


to the pizza van that can come on-site or even a BBQ – these, I really like………

Angus and braai

Before you get carried away, think before you jump in with all fours (sorry all twos) and choose the pizza van or the spectacular one off menu, because perhaps it isn’t as straight forward as you might think…….

It doesn’t upset me if I have to eat off the floor, without cutlery, and I certainly don’t need a glass, but these basic requirements for humans aren’t necessarily provided by the caterer.  Some do include them, but often you either have to source them yourself or pay extra……

You might not believe it, but I have a sensitive stomach and I have to watch what I eat….this saddens me greatly and I often try to encourage people to give me food that isn’t necessarily good for me… Who amongst you could resist this face?

Angus face

I am told that some humans have to watch what they eat, too, and some even choose not to eat meat.  So, it’s good to check if your chosen caterer can cope with different requirements, including a children’s menu, if they are being invited.

The other thing is that my sense of smell is 1000 times greater than yours, and let me tell you that even if it smells good it doesn’t necessarily taste good……so, another idea is to find out if your caterer offers a tasting.

So many things to think about that I thought you’d like this little checklist I’ve drawn up for you 🙂

  • Decide how much you wish to spend.
  • Decide what type of food you would like, including dietary requirements of your guests. Don’t forget children’s requirements, too.
  • Check with various caterers in the area to see what they are able to prepare, what they recommend, what they include. (Your venue, like Le Manoir, will no doubt have a few caterers to recommend to you).
  • Ask for quotes.
  • Decide!!!

  • Don’t forget about the tasting – some caterers will give you a tasting before you decide (but you may have to pay) and others only once you’ve booked – so, always ask…
  • Lastly, but at all the least, make sure you get everything in writing 🙂 

Now all there is left for me to say is “Bon Appetit“!!!

And yes, you will have guessed – I’ve just been told my supper is FINALLY ready 🙂

Until next time – Au Revoir

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