I really thought this blog would be easy to write as there is always some kind of flower popping up around Le Manoir throughout the year………giving inspiration to even a dog…….

But not this year……disappointingly the cold weather has dragged on for a very lloonngg time – SW France did not escape!!  And, it has taken me a LONG time to become motivated……. At last the temperatures are rising, the rain is subsiding and everyone is smiling again 🙂

Why do I say, “even a dog”?   Let me say that it took me quite a while to get “flowers”.

I probably shouldn’t say this, but I will, flowers for dogs are really something to sniff at and around, and, if you want to put it bluntly, pee on! (Sorry….)

Also, we dogs don’t see colours in quite the same way as humans, everything is much more muted except for blues.

So, I really did not understand the human race’s preoccupation with them, until a visit from my human niece helped me appreciate that it happens for humans from a very young age……. Here is Mckenzie and me, and “voila” for you all to see, is that uncanny focus of attention by the smallest of humans on the smallest of flowers, the daisy.


Living at Le Manoir has helped educate me, too, because as well as the daisy, which appears all year round (except this year!!), the daffodils and hyacinths come out in March, the wisteria comes in April, followed by the roses of various colours in May, then come the lavender, geraniums, the petunias and begonias during the summer.

This is me helping Angela to plant the geraniums at the front of Le Manoir – it’s very demanding task as you can see.

Le Manoir doesn’t just have flowers;  from April to October the trellises are covered in wisteria and vines, and all the leafy shrubs and trees fill the whole area with a variety of greens.

With all the foliage and the colours around Le Manoir, my sister, Kirstin, found that for her wedding she didn’t need a lot of flowers, because Le Manoir decorated itself!

She chose colours that fitted the venue, the time of year, and her colour scheme, and those flowers that were available locally.

However, Le Manoir provides a striking canvas upon which to design your own very special creation with flowers. Whatever their hue….they will work perfectly for you. Oh, how poetic, I am 🙂

I’m sure you’ll agree, I look very handsome next to this beautifully decorated bike and Nicole was very happy indeed with her arrangement.

Angus & Bike

To help future brides decide on their flowers, I have put a few questions together:

  • Which flowers do you like most or mean something to you or your family?
  • What is your colour scheme?
  • What flowers are grown in the area?
  • Are the flowers you like and the local ones available?
  • Where do you need flowers for?
  • Where can greenery be used?
  • What kind of holder will you use – vase or something different?
  • What will the flowers look like in the photographs?
  • Will you be able to convey your ideas to the florist?

Hope these help, and enjoy choosing your flowers. With 12 weddings this year, I am so looking forward to seeing the creations of our brides.



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